Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Match versus Status Quo on Friday Night MLG Dallas 2011 Explained

It seems that this is still a heated topic, so I'm going to clear it up for you guys.  Keep in mind that it's over and we're over it.  This is just an explanation from my point of view.

So it's Friday night of the Season Opener at Dallas 2011.  There's a new bracket system put into play this season that includes pool play to determine where you're placed in the Winners or Losers bracket of the tournament.  You can check out all the rules and settings at Major League Gaming's website if you'd like.  Anyways, we had to play Second Nature first (Goatsi, Trigga, FeaR, Entry). We 3-0'ed them. Next, we played UoR Invictus (Watch, Calm, Swift Kill, Ninja). We 3-1'ed them. Our last match of the night was against Status Quo.  Going into this match, we know we only needed to win two games in order to win our pool (as long as we took care of the Amateur team the next day).  Well, game one was Element CTF.  It was back and forth all game, but we eventually lost 5-4.  Game two was a TS game, don't remember which map, but we ended up winning 50-36 I believe.  Game three was Sanctuary Assault. We outslayed them the entire game, but just couldn't get the bomb armed.  Props to them for securing a quick plant to allow them to win 1-0 though.  That's always tough to manage.

Game four was Countdown CTF.  This was just like game one, it went back and forth the entire length of the match. It was finally tied up 4-4.  At a certain point in time, I was about three seconds into my death screen, Snipedown and Enable were bottom Tri-Lift, and another member of Status Quo was on our flag.  The rest of the team members were scattered across the map, or maybe even sQ had one down, I'm not sure.  But as Enable went up our tri-lift, Snipedown surprised him and followed him up our tri-lift.  At the same time, the sQ member pulled our flag and ran it Jetpack towards Evade/Snipe 2. By the time Snipedown got up the tri-lift, he had melee'ed Enable three times, leaving Enable dead and himself stuck at the top of it.  He couldn't move, and tried grenading himself out, but it was useless.  The second Enable died, he saw on his deathcam that Snipedown was stuck, so he told his team to keep running the flag 'cause he was motionless. 

I spawned our top balcony around five seconds into Snipedown being stuck. He had been yelling asking the referee to stop the game or something, but the unfamiliar referee just let it play on, which he rightfully should have at this point.  There's no rule in place yet for getting stuck in the lift. On top of that, it was now 2:00AM - he wanted to go to bed.  So I eventually 'naded Snipedown out of the lift, but by that time, sQ already had our flag at their dropdown area.  Our efforts were futile.  Now, if Snipedown didn't get stuck in the lift, was there a chance at a return? Most likely.  They were down a man and another was running the flag.  However, with our key player being stuck, it rendered him useless.  So they capped the last flag and won 5-4 Countdown CTF, and proceeded to win the series 3-1.

They came over, said the usual sQ, "Good games bro, good games brah." Daps, pounds. And then also said that they knew about that glitch since it happened at the LAN Network.  So, since there has yet to be a rule enforced regarding the lift glitch, Status Quo took advantage of it and secured the series win.  There's always going to be "What If's" after a tournament, but I don't care about that. I care to see that this glitch be addressed in the rules of MLG Reach Settings.  I have been apart of multiple rule situations in the past.  The first one was when Hysteria's box died and we were forced to replay the game.  The other was when Cloud took the Oddball into an illegal spot after they had already won by time, which should have been a forfeited game, but we knew they had already won fair and square, so we gave them the win.

So after Saturday morning matches, it came down to the series between UoR Invictus and Swagger Like Us to see who won our Pool.  sLu ended up 3-0'ing UoR Invictus, thus giving Status Quo the Head-To-Head win over us, UoR Dynasty.  Yes, it sucked it happened to us. It's sweet that it happened to Status Quo. But we know Status Quo didn't "make it happen." All those jokes are ridiculous. It'd be nice if in the future, there was extensive research, through YouTube or just gameplay, to see if there are any glitches that can truly affect the outcome of a game.  Ever since the Box Freeze incident, I always ask myself, what if that happened in the National Championship Finals? What would you do then?

Lastly, we have no issues with Status Quo, nor any specific member on the team. Quite the opposite. We're all pretty good friends and it was just the heat of the moment that night accompanied with an unfortunate series of events. Congrats to them for continually advancing in their bracket and eventually acquiring their first tournament win. Going through a year and a half of teaming to win the first tournament of a new game is quite the accomplishment. There's a lot of hard work, dedication, determination, and loyalty on that team and I truly respect that. Congrats again, you guys deserve it.


P.S. - If I got any information wrong, please comment and I'll be sure to edit my post. Once again, it's from my point of view.


  1. dude, that friday night was insane for everyone! having to play so late and back-to-back series. exhausting!! they shouldnt do that to u guys :/
    crazy that happened.
    Not a fan of Pool Play btw

  2. Someone should put that little red head in a lift see if he likes it!