Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MLG v1 Game Types and Map Variants

I've decided to post a blog that contains all the useful information and links regarding the MLG v1 settings:

First of all, you can download all of the official MLG v1 game types and map variants from either my gamertag's fileshare - OGhostayame - or the Gamebattles' fileshare - GAMEBATTLES.  If you would like to read the text version of the settings, rules, etc., then check out the links below:

Official Halo 4 Gamebattles Team Ladder Rules

Official Change Log: MLG t4 -> MLG v1

Also, I have uploaded overhead images that SaLoT and I worked on together to allow the player to easily comprehend the map setup and call outs, as well as the weapon and power-up respawn times. These pictures are located below:

Finally, I wanted to thank TiberiusAudley, SaLoT, Heinz, Diesel, Puckett, Bravo, K2Five TSW, and the rest of the players, spectators, and Halo fans that have come out to support Halo 4, MLG, and its future settings.  I couldn't have done any of this without you, and I plan on continuing that relationship in the future.  Thank you for all of your hard work and input!


  1. In order for Halo 4 to be a truly great game, 8 things have to happen (4 of which directly correlate with gameplay, the other 4 have to do with the sandbox).
      1)DMR nerf/ BR buff
      2)Instant spawn must be removed
      3)Smaller maps must be introduced
      4)The community must agree whether or not to have barebones loadout or to include armor abilities.
      5)1-50 Ranking system
      6)Permanent playlists
      7)Fileshares must be fixed
      8)Theater/spectator mode brought back.

    The ball is on 343i's court on issues 1,2,5,6,7 (I don't believe 8 is feasible). I will now go on to elaborate my thoughts on each point before specifically addressing MLG settings.

    DMR vs. BR
    Before Halo: Reach was released a friend said, "The battle rifle MADE Halo." This is fairly true. So it is my belief (biased as it may be) that the DMR is killing Halo. Everyone was sad to hear the BR wasn't going to be in Reach. Many hated the DMR's bloom and dropped the game. When it was announced that the BR would make a return, Halo fans rejoiced to see their childhood tool of destruction brought back. When the community realised the DMR was stronger, the whiplash was immense. People expected the BR to be king. But, if 343i were to buff the BR and nerf the DMR people would come back to the game to see for themselves.

    The only game with instant spawn is Call of Duty. Gears, Battlefield, Crysisall have spawn times. Not having a spawn timer makes the game random. Not having the timer throws the system off and gives crazy spawns. Good Halo players were always able to predict spawns ,and use that knowledge to their advantage. 343i needs to bring back the 5 second and 10 second spawns.

    One issue we CAN deal with is which maps we use. We have excellent forgers within the community (God of F0rge and FamousFaps). We can work with forgers to remake more classic MLG maps (Battle Creek,Warlock,Guardian,Pit,Narrows). The more maps we have the funner our competitive version of the game can be. I would like to see up to 10 MLG maps rather than the traditional 5, but I understand that would make practices more difficult.

    Loadouts/ Armor Abilities
    "The thing that I loved about Halo was that everyone started out the same, and from there on out you used skill to win the game." I believe my friend hit it right on the moneh when he said that. If our version is to succeed, it needs to be barebones. Only one class, no armor abilities. Personally, I concur with Walshy that we should use armor abilities, but the majoritu of players don't want to see them around. With Halo 4 in such a delicate state, barebones is the way to go, at least for now until we figure out the best way to add them.


    The ranking systems in Halo 2 &3 gave you a reason to win. Now, the priority is just to go positive (like cod). The ranking system made sure you where matched with other 50's and not a level 20 who was bad. Right now we're being matched with casuals who don't can't keep up. The system made winning he priority, and kept the game honest by looking for 8 llayers of similar rank/skill.

    Team snipers, doubles, mlg all need to stick around and not be rotated. Their goal is to keep playlistz populated. But this is a game for us to have fun. We need to have our playlists up and running always. Not only that playlists like social slayer divided casuals from try hards.

    Fileshare and Spectator Mode
    The fileshare was a way to publish and share funny screenshots and maps. Spectator mode gave teams a way to study film, and a way to show off your overkill.

    I would like to end this essay with my ideas on what MLG could use.
    -One loadout.
    •BR start. No secondary. Frags.No armor ability. Explosives. Resupply.
    I believe this the perfect old school, barebones, MLG style loadout.
    -Movement and Damage
    •I have never mezsed around too much with these so I am sorry I can't help here.
    This is the only section i didn't like in v1. Ordinances are without a doubt killstreaks. We should award players with something of som value. I belive that the options should include 1 armor ability, 1 power up, 1 weapon.
    First of all, many agree the dmr is too strong to have as a starting weapon. Some don't like DMR as a pick up becuase still too many could use it. I present my solution to this quandary. We make the DMR a reward, and this also solves the problem of giving a free rail gun or sticky detonator.
    I think it is worth testing the overshiled and camo as ordinances because they are both worth being deemed killstreaks, and it gives us that old feeling of whether to choose camo vs ovie. Players are going to see advantages in both of them, so I don't see a lobby full of overshields.

    I know this is extremely long, but thanks if you made it this far. My gamertag is Mr Turnover if you ever want my feedback or opinion on future settings.

  3. I have 2 great remakes in my file share. Very accurate remakes of both lockout from halo 2 and guardian from halo 3. I hope you have the time to check them out my gt: Apocalipse 15.

  4. Do you roughly know when the MLG playlist will become live? Also I like the simple settings, I think Halo was always about simplicity and the skill gap. IMO hardlight shield shouldn't be in mlg and AA's should be pick ups to fight for like in reach. I know the danger of stripping down Halo 4's feature, but I think if MLG was as simples as Halo 2 it would be most appealing to many people. Map wise I like them, but I'm not such a big fan of Adrift. Maybe some remakes should be in der. At least Lockout would be nice to have. Check out some of my Remakes on my