Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Legendary Lessons

ToYz R RusH here with an important announcement!

Have you ever wanted to have a lesson with a pro?  Did you ever want your gameplay analyzed to see where you stand?  I'm willing to bet most of you answered yes to at least one of these two questions. Of course, the phrase "I don't have the money" always seems to end your dreams.   Some of you may have submitted gameplay to 'Stride Last Longer' in hopes of achieving your goals, only to be denied.

In an effort to help raise the standards of competitive players in MLG, Ghostayame has decided to honor your requests.  Every Wednesday at 8PM (starting on 2/22/12),  Ghost will analyze one player submitted film.  To sweeten the deal, at the end of each month, he will give a half hour lesson and half hour of gameplay to one of the lucky weekly winners.

*NOTE* Player Spawn System will only be taught in lessons for paying customers.

"So what's the catch?"

Simply put, there isn't one.  By creating an environment that supports player growth, MLG Pro Players (himself included) will need to drastically step up their gameplay.  Those that don't will leave a void that can be filled by players like you!

Okay, enough with the chit chat.  I'm sure all of you want to start getting your game on with the Legend.

Rules for submitting gameplay:

1) Only 1 submission per person per week.

2) Upload your submission to your fileshare and name it "Ghost".

3) Send a message to me, "ToYz R Rush", with the following information:
  a) Message must start with "Ghost"
  b) Include any pertinent info about the game:
     * Were you on a team of 4?
     * Were you playing against a team of 4?
     * Were you using a mic?
     * Were your teammates using a mic?
     * Anything else you feel important.
     * (You can use your bio to add extra details)

4) Leave the video on your fileshare for the duration of the week.

5) Do not fill my messages with spam.  If I start receiving random spam messages from you, your submission will be forfeited.  I will contact you if I need more information.

Any submissions sent directly to Ghostayame will NOT be viewed.  He and I are working as a well-oiled machine to make this possible for you.  I will personally be viewing each and every video, which takes a LOT of time.  I'll give my recommendations to Ghost based on the different criteria he gives me every week.

If your video is not selected as the winner, you must resubmit the video if you wish it to be considered for the following week.

Good luck to all of you.  If at first you don't succeed, keep trying! Persistence does pay off.  Also, don't forget, you can purchase lessons from Ghostayame directly. Purchasing lessons or donating will greatly contribute to the success of this endeavor.  Please direct any questions to me via Facebook message. www.facebook.com/wbatten1

-ToYz R RusH
(Former MLG Pro Coach)

Example Messages for submission:
On a team of 4, with mics.  Against a team of 3 + 1 random.

Went in alone with mic.  Teammates had no mic.  Against random 4.

Info on game posted in my bio.

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